Madalin Luca 22-sibiu-jazz-festival-2009-559210068

10521100_824706780872811_2996577076809865979_n capite m 1 capite m ora de vara 25 aug.2014 ora de vara 25 aug.2014.jpg 1 ora de vara 25 aug.2014.jpg2 ora de vara 25 aug.2014.jpg3 ora de vara 25 aug.2014.jpg4 ora de vara 25 aug.2014.jpg5

601413_4557591106064_634052855_n 946390_210096452497863_980607387_n



mada & zamfir trad 2 trad4 trad5 trad6 trad7 trad8 trad9 tradit conc


8 1711_3_o Bis9 concert_nai_madalin_luca_piata_unirii_timisoara_20090711_1413743574
Copii circului DSC_3885 DSC_3931 DSC_3950 DSC_5183 DSC_5185 DSC_5191 IMG_0258 IMG_0268 IMG_0609 img_6336-small img_6411-small img_6418-small Luca 1 Madalin Luca 2 pestera9 pod 16 - 1 pod 16 - 2 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


179537_3955363955982_404664332_n 205256_3955383436469_1849130902_n 304787_3955203671975_1307607759_n 391338_3955252313191_842237651_n 396812_3955231312666_957229132_n
406418_210505412372065_1068847961_n 418724_3955233832729_301221719_n 421144_10150582173429221_395830496_n 487266_3955247913081_2011484580_n 488050_3955365236014_1555446979_n 488067_3955195871780_420413226_n 529025_3955364756002_1658866735_n 530092_3955334115236_1217477462_n 601413_4557591106064_634052855_n 602488_3955383116461_1784291031_n


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