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Madalin  Luca is an romanian panpipes player that in his career as a musician boldly tackled different genres – romanian traditional music, classical music, jazz, world music, participating in various festivals and concerts in Europe, alone and with different bands and orchestras .

Madalin Luca is a seeker of new ways of musical expression, experimenting undiscovered possibilities of panpipes, introducing it into new musical territory, untried until now by another panpipes player. Musician proposes an own sound world, building a complex and complete musical world using the acoustic and electronically processed panpipes and electronic means of expression of electronic music, experimental, various sound effects, violin, Jew’s harp. Alone on stage, Madalin Luca  recreate an entire orchestra step by step, in real time, rhythmic and melodic lines of each song in a manner ethno – jazz, giving uniqueness to each musical moment.